MEERA INDUSTRIES, LTD. www.meeraind.com

Cone and Assembly Winding – Random and Precision

Cop Winding

Covering Machines

Two-For-One Twisting 

TPRS Twisting – patented method of inserted S and Z twists in one step

Bulking and Heat Setting Equipment for Carpet Yarns

TWISTECHNOLOGY, INC. www.twistechnology.com

 Ring Twisting

Bobbin Doffing and Bobbin Transport Systems

Creels – standard and custom designed

Bobbin Cleaning Systems

Bobbins and Travelers

Yarn Coating – single machines and complete lines

BIOTTI  www.biotti.it

Fillet Card Clothing

Metallic Card Clothing

Metallic Wire for Flat Cards

Accessories - Hand Cards, Card Gauges, Brushes, Grinding Tools

HAYES INDUSTRIES, INC. www.hayesind.com

Fiber Opening and Blending

Dust Collection and Pneumatic Conveying

Recycling and Shredding

Card Rebuilding and Clothing

Control Panel and Electronic Designs

Custom Equipment Design and Construction

THREAD MASTER CO., LTD. www.thread-master.com.tw

Sewing Thread Winding Equipment – fully automatic and semi-automatic

 Automatic Jet Printing

Automatic Yarn Package Wrapping Machines

B.T.S.R. INTERNATIONAL SpA  www.btsr.com

 Electronic Equipment for All Types of Yarn Applications:

Yarn Break Sensors

Constant Tension Feeders

PC Link Software

Yarn Quality Controls Systems



Twist Measurement

Tension Measurement and Monitoring

HSIANG CHUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD. www.globalbraid.com

Wide range of braiding machinery from fine medical to heavy rope, including

wire and hose braiders, solid braiders, etc.

Bobbin winders suitable for their braiders

Core Knitting Machines

Tipping machines


We can supply any type of twister bobbins, braider bobbins, etc. for any type of twister, 

braiding machine, etc. All we need is the machine type and model, bobbin drawing, or an

actual sample


JTP Associates has formed several strategic alliances with several well-known and reputable 

used machinery dealers (US and European). We can source any type of used 

equipment you are looking for or can help you move surplus equipment you no longer need.

We also do appraisals for equipment – everything from a single item to a complete mill. We 

can also furnish rigging services and transport. 


Felt Products - Tension Devices - Ceramic Guides  - Belting & Tapes - Scissors

Package Holders - Rub Aprons - Faller Bars - Roll Covering - Anti-Static Equipment

Pin Trucks - Bobbin & Yarn Trucks