PRASHANT GROUP LTD.  www.prashantgroup.com

Sectional Warping

Direct Warping

Single End Sizing

HUYS MACHINERY www.huysmachinery.com

MIwarp sectional warping exclusively for narrow fabrics, warp knitting, crochet, etc.

All types of creels for warping, weaving, etc.

Warping expertise

GENKINGER, INC. www.genkingerinc.com

Wide range of beam trucks, cloth trucks for virtually any type of application

Beam carousels

Loom beams of all types

DIVERSIFED SYSTEMS, INC. www.dsisystems.com

Off-loom takeups

Wide range of cloth room equipment, inspection frames, etc.

Jacquard gantries

Beam racks

Computerized monitoring systems

All types of slitting equipment

B.T.S.R. INTERNATIONAL SpA  www.btsr.com

 Electronic Equipment for All Types of Yarn/Weaving Applications:

Yarn Break Sensors

Constant Tension Feeders

Tension Measurement and Monitoring


JTP Associates has formed several strategic alliances with several well-known and reputable 

used machinery dealers (US and European). We can source any type of used 

equipment you are looking for or can help you move surplus equipment you no longer need.

We also do appraisals for equipment – everything from a single item to a complete mill. We 

can also furnish rigging services and transport. 


Roll covering and adhesives

Felt products

All types of belting

Reed hooks

Ceramic guides of all types

Tension devices

Wooden cloth rolls

Kloecker type leno devices


Pick Glasses

Jacquard cord

Mylar dobby film

Pin Trucks